Beach Volleyball Tournament Sept 2013

Beach Volleyball Tournament Sept 2013

Press Releases

Press Releases

International Events

International Events

11-15 December 2013, New Beach Durban, SA


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Fivb Beach Volleyball Season 2013: A global perspective



Geness Consulting breathes new life into beach volleyball

Geness ConsultingMr and Dr Sheena Geness of Geness Consulting with Most Valuable Player (MVP) Judith Augoustides.As Volleyball South Africa’s newest promoters of beach volleyball, Geness Consulting is working to lift the sport to the next level with high levels of professionalism and spectator value. Beach volleyball took a giant leap in this direction on the weekend of the 5 to 7 July, when the 3rd leg of the South African Beach Volleyball Circuit took place at Durban’s New Beach. [In the photo are Mr and Dr Sheena Geness with the women's Most Valuable Player of the tournament Judith Augoustides.]

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